wardrobe staple: blazers

Blazer: TKMAXX, Pants: Target, Top: Uniqlo, Shoes: Sportsgirl
If you follow my #OOTD (that’s ‘Outfit Of The Day’ if you’re wondering!) posts on social media this declaration might not come as a surprise: I LOVE me a blazer- especially one in a longline cut! Their clean silhouettes are instantly slimming, and a bit of length goes a long way if you’re in tight high waisted pants and skipped squat day for 12 weeks straight like yours truly over here…:p
Hiding problem bits aside a good old blazer is the perfect piece to refresh your old favorites. They can bring summer dresses into winter and I swear the classic tee/jeans/blazer combo will outlast all of us!
Scroll on to see my current online faves, hope you like!
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