two way: maxed out.

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Stretching them dollars further: 1 dress, 2 ways.

Well I’ve been a bit of a busy bee the past few weeks. Finished up with my Masters (and also decided to never ever, ever, ever study again), bought my very first place (a little apartment near the sea) and got started on renovations and decorations. First on the list of renos was paint and flooring which I was so pleased with I decided to do a little shoot in the space before the furniture came in.
I was sent this gorgeous Bebe Sydney maxi dress by the lovely ladies at Milko Boutique and my first instinct was: gold strappy heels and clutch and you’ve got a formal look ready to go.
But with my social calendar more ‘arvo drinks with mates’ than ‘evening of fine dining and champagne’ at the moment I styled the dress with old favorites to make it work for a few different occasions, day or night. The sandals are currently on sale too, fyi.
Hope you guys enjoy the looks as I’m planning to make ‘2 for 1’ posts a regular feature on the blog.
Happy start of summer for tomorrow! Good times.


Photography: Paul Lui

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midi moment.
two way: maxed out.

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