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Spring has sprung and so has a brand new digital platform that will bring us all things fashion, lifestyle and social in the world of racing: www.theraces.com.au
To celebrate the launch I’m very excited to bring you guys a two-part race season series. First up is a good old affordable outfit post for race day!

Maybe it’s because I’m eager to shed the dark hues of Winter but when Spring frocks hit the racks I’m ALWAYS drawn to the white ones. Only problem? Wearing white to the weddings/engagement parties of the months ahead is a fashion faux pas I’d like to steer clear from…but thanks to race season I can have my pretty white frocks and wear them too!
This Esther Boutique dress ($89.95) not only kicks goals in the pretty white lace department but it also satisfies my blush crush. Meanwhile, you know that Snapchat filter everyone loves with the butterfly crown? I found it in headpiece form! Added a bit of structure to the look with a Coocha Design blazer ($85) and finished it off with my favorite heels of the moment: the ‘Ariana’ from Ego Official ($41 with discount code)- being clear they literally go with everything!
For more #outfitinspo, 101 of racing and beauty how-tos be sure to check out www.theraces.com.au, and keep an eye out for Part 2 of the series soon!
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Hydrologist turned stylist I love to hunt treasures to help you pick well, style often! What makes a treasure? Versatile, long lasting, functional pieces all at an affordable price point. Welcome to the treasure hunt!


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  1. 9.14.16

    This is a closet treasure for sure. I love the lace and the colour it's so Spring oriented. The heels are perfect.

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