how to: shirtdress.



While I’ve always loved the idea of a shirtdress I struggled to find just the right cut that would suit my pear shaped body. Stretched fabric over the hips and strained button holes are never a good look!
Then I came across this oversized number via Boohoo (on sale for $34) and the flap  over the buttons caught my eye- no more gaps in awkward places! So it got me thinking: what else makes up the perfect shirtdress? This is what I found works for me:
* The aformentioned button-strain can be negated with a slightly thicker material such as soft denim or woven linen.
* If gaps are still an issue opt for styles with buttons that stop at the waist.
* Go for oversized. Loose with cuffed sleeves or belted and hitched up are both options with  oversized.
In other news: is it really under 3 weeks till Christmas?! I’d love to hear all about any exciting plans in the comments below!
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  1. 12.7.15

    Love it honey! This is way too cute! I'm off to buy it now – do you mind if I ask what size you are wearing here? Always struggle to get the right size! X

  2. 12.7.15

    Hi Mara! Thanks for your comment. I'm usually a size 8-10 and I'm wearing a size 8 here. Hope that helps 🙂 x

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