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In my last post I talked about the trench life and this week I found one! There’s a bit of everything I’m loving at the moment in this look: trenches, khaki, caged heels and body chains. Though this look in general is a bit of a uniform for me- I’ve been wearing these Cotton On jeans for over two years! I love the movement and draping of this khaki number from Glassons,and the wide-sleeves make layering and cuffing a breeze- pretty handy for $50! 
In other exciting news for the week (well, for me anyway!) I bagged a new bag.I’m happy to pick a classic style and use it exclusively for months, partly because I’m too lazy to transfer all my bits and bobs between bags but also because I’m more of a shoe gal and I’d rather save my pennies for that. I came across the NEXT brand on my first trip to London 5 years ago and bought a pair of shoes that were forever getting complimented. Since then I’ve kept an eye on their styles and they sure know how to do an accessory. Little wonder my new go-to bag was a NEXT creation then!
T xo
Photography: Paul Lui

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high rotation.

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