bhave Keratin Treatment: A little review on an actual miracle worker, plus discount codes for you babes 😉

So I’m wearing my hair straight these days (thanks, Kimmy K for the inspo!) and since I lack an on call hair magician to keep it sleek I opted for the next best thing: a bHave Keratin Smoothing Treatment.
While the treatment has been in salons since 2010 I only noticed it this year when beauty blogger raved about it. Now, I’ve turned a blind eye to any sort of straightening/smoothing treatments for the past 10 years thanks to some nightmare chemical experiences, one of which burned a chunk of my hair clean off! So, naturally, I still had many questions about bHave. Mainly: will I lose a chunk of hair again?! But some good old Google research showed that it ticked all the important boxes:
* bHave is first a smoothing treatment which leaves the hair softer and straighter thanks to the large hit of keratin, argan oil and silk amino acids it delivers. 
* bhaves keratin is sustainably sourced from the winter fleece of New Zealand sheep 
* The amino acids actually have a ‘rebuild technology’ which adds to the straighter finish.
* bHave also ditches the chemical nastiness of formaldehyde, sulphates, parabens- no chance of partial baldness here!
* The above factors combined results in a much healthier hair strand, repairing dry and damaged hair from within.
* Important: Hair can still be dyed! (As I enter my 30’s #50shadesofgrey has taken on a whole new meaning).
So, with my questions answered I excitedly booked into Alchemy of Hair at Macquarie Centre for a treatment.
Before The Treatment
At the salon, I was met by the lovely Emma from the bHave team. A hairdresser by training she now works as a bHave product educator for participating bHave salons- perfect lady for all my questions! 
Straight off the bat Emma let me know the treatment can lighten dyed hair. So if you’re planning on going darker wait to do so at least 1 week after the bHave treatment. Planning highlights? Get those done 1 week before the bHave treatment. As lightening the hair tends to dry it out anyway booking in a bHave treatment a week later for some keratin goodness seems win-win. Since I was planning a go darker the following week so I was good to go.
The Process
* Emma gave my hair a good wash and a double shampoo with the bhave ‘prepartor’ to get it literally squeaky clean to rid all nasties, and more importantly, get the hair cuticles open and ready for the smoothing treatment to be absorbed. 
* Hair is fully dried with a hairdryer. Take a moment to say goodbye/good riddance to the frizz. (below)
Hair squeaky clean and ready for treatment! (and desperately in need of it, look at that damage!).
* Hair is divided into sections and bHave keratin treatment is brushed on and thoroughly massaged into each section. Take a moment to appreciate the non-chemically and rather pleasant fruity scent of it all.
* Treatment is now left on to soak for 30-60min depending on hair type. Mine was left on for 30 minuets.
* Enjoy a coffee on the house and chats with the salon staff while you wait (Sarah and the whole Alchemy Salon team are so lovely!).
* Back to the basin and any treatment residue is gently rinsed out.
* Hair is completely dried and a hair straightener is then used to ‘seal in’ the product. Hair will feel slightly heavy and flat due to the product still in it but take a moment to appreciate how much shinier and healthier your hat already looks! (below)
Before and After: bhave smoothing treatment
* For the next 48 hours let the treatment continue to do its thing. This means no washing, tying up, getting wet etc. I had some slight kinks the next morning but a quick run through with my hair straightener sorted that out.
* Continue to use bHave branded Shampoo and Conditioner for optimum results. I use the ‘Rescue’ option for both shampoo and conditioner.
The Results
The most appealing part about all this is the promise of ‘wash and go’ hair and I’m SO HAPPY to report bHave has delivered in spades on this front. I actually did an Insta Story blowdrying my hair after it’s first wash and you know how long it took? 5 MINUTES. A 1-hour drying and styling drama cut to 5 measly minutes. It blew my mind.
Also, I had my hair dyed the following week and didn’t have to fork out for a blow-dry thanks to the new ‘wash and go’ nature of my hair. Went straight out to dinner and no dampness or frizz in sight! Worth.The.Coin.
Some FAQs:
How long does it last?
Up to four months depending on hair type.
How much does it cost?
Between $250 – $400. For my hair length and type it was $300. 
Where can I get the treatment?
Find your nearest bHave salon here: 
You mentioned a discount code…?
I did indeed 😉
SYDNEY GIRLS: 5% Salon Discount at Alchemy of Hair, Macquarie Centre when you mention ‘Trash To Treasured’
EVERYONE: 20% discount for the bHave online store by using the code ‘ohbhaveTina’- highly recommend the ‘rescue intense repair’ range of products!
So, who’s off to get a treatment done?! I, for one, am 100% back on the smoothing treatment bandwagon! Let me know if you use the above codes, I would love to know how it all went! 


T xo

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